FeasibilityStudy.org prepares many types of feasibility studies such as:

  1. Market Study – The main objective of a market study is to determine if enough demand exists for the projects’ viability.
  2. Technicaleg. Do you have the technological know-how and resources to achieve the project’s goals? Does the project require specialized experts for technical validation?
  3. Operational eg. Refers to the measure of solving problems with the help of a new proposed system. Is the project feasible within the limits of current technology? How will you deliver the product or service to market?
  4. Financialeg. When a company wants to know if the proposed amount of capital and financing is sufficient to complete a project successfully.
  5. Resourceeg. What resources are needed and is there enough to complete the project successfully?
  6. Scheduling eg. Is there enough time and resources to complete the project on-time?

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