FeasibilityStudy.org prepares feasibility studies for all types of businesses and industries. Many of these studies focus on supply chains, raw materials, and logistics. The purpose of the feasibility study is usually to prove financial viability. And we often look at the price of commodities and raw materials to help us evaluate cost structures.

However, some businesses are easy to analyze. You need to sell this much of product A B and C at this price to break-even. Thus, the business can be ‘commoditized‘. Meaning, you know what it takes to cover costs and be profitable. But other businesses, particularly start-ups, need to analyze multiple economic and demographic characteristics to confirm viability. Of course, there are many factors that feasibility studies cannot predict, such as: the business can take off from the start and exceed all expectations. Or go nowhere fast.

In this section we discuss commodities. For example, coffee is the most (physically) traded commodity in the world, followed by scrap metal. Many businesses we analyze have supply chain issues, supply backlogs, or a hard time finding qualified workers. What would be worse: running out of coffee or not being able to find the right personnel? It’s a rhetorical question. The lack of commodities and raw materials has put pricing pressure on every product we use, especially gas. Thus, employees need a raise to help cover their costs, which can be up as much as $500 a month or more. Now your operating margins are getting smaller as you read this. What is the solution?

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